Tuesday, November 14, 2017

News and Media's obsession with negativity

I always used to wonder from my childhood days as to why newspapers carry so much negative news. Is it only to fill realms and realms of idle paper, or was there any sinister purpose behind it.

With the proliferation of news channels, we see each and every news channel talk and spread only negativity. Endless hours are spent on debating issues that have no direct connection with the common man. All the time they debate about some crime that happened somewhere or meaningless policies of various governments.

The answer was found when i stumbled upon some spiritualists theories. The spiritualists whose name i will not write here for privacy concerns say that this inane news channels spread hate, fear because they are not having any souls. They are run by entities and thats why they have what we call as programming. News channels have programming directors whose primary job is to create programs of mass mind delusion. But deep down there is another purpose which is to suck the energy of people with souls.
The world is having only few people with souls including me. We run the system by paying attention to these stupid news channels and media outlets. We invest our precious time in the lives of celebrities or some crime reported by Arnab goswami and co.
These people are not having souls, and it is extremely hard to imagine for a normal person whose religious teachings say that all people have souls.
Soul is the most misunderstood phenomena of this universe. Soul is not a noun, its not a thing. It can only be known by those who have souls, who feel its energy. For example, due to a mystical experience i can feel energies since last 16 years. This is because i have a soul. And people like me waste their entire lives in feeding these celebrities, news channels and movie artists and so on.

Please remember this is a matrix that we live in. Thus, there are many holographic entities and soulless ones in the society freely roaming and trying to balance our energies by spreading hate and fear. The answer is not love, but neutrality. We need to avoid all TV and violent movies and just work on our inner being. That's the only solution.

Three types of human bodies- matrix

As per my recent research i found people talking about different types of people existing in this world. Initially i rubbished the theories, but more i see people, i understand where these authors are coming from.

The three types are:

  1. Human bodies with souls
  2. Human bodies without souls, who are more like clones or replicants as shown in Blade runner movie
  3. Human bodies with entity attachments. These type of humans have no souls but are occupied by entities that are dangerous programs such as celebrities, scientists and others who suck the energy out of soul.

Basically this universe is run because of the energy of the soul. The entities and the soulless ones balance this energy by creating fear, chaos and other emotions inside the souls.

There are very few souls left on earth right now. We may be looking at only 3 to 400 thousand souls, and remaining billions as soulless ones.

I am not sure about the exact numbers, but more i look at people and their actions, i feel they don't have any understanding of either soul, divine etc. Look at the way scientists argue. They are so materialistic and reductionist in their opinions. The reason is that they are not humans with souls, hence even if we argue with them, we can never make them understand. This is because they are soulless and are simply programs inside the giant matrix in which we are right now.

The purpose of entities is to suck energy out of souls. Thats why you see the news channels never get tired in spreading negativity.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The karakas for different houses play an important role in strengthening the house.
The karakas are:
1st house: Sun
2nd house: Jupiter
3rd house: Mars
4th house: Moon
5th house: Jupiter
6th house: Saturn
7th house: Venus
8th house: Saturn
9th house: Jupiter
10th house: Mercury
11th house: Jupiter
12th house : Saturn

If the sun is weak in a horoscope, the 1st house becomes weak. 1st house stands for the body, and if the su is weak, the body becomes weak.
However, if the karaka of some other house sits on first house, then the karakatwa of that house automatically gains significance. For example, if Saturn is in the 1st house, then the 6th, 8th and 12th house gain importance in the life of the person.


Friday, December 26, 2014

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Some basics:

1st house-brain-Jupiter and mercury get Digbala here. Jupiter is for Intelligence or Dhi Shakti, Mercury is the "articulation" of the intelligence.

In Jaimini sutras, it is mentioned that Jupiter in trines to Svamsa(authorship, but may not be able to speak that fluently in an assembly), however, venus and mercury can give that ability, though authorship abilities are lesser for these two.

Moon gives a good imagination to create prose.

2nd house: Vak, speech, eyes, eye deformities can be seen in 2nd house, but eye sight itself is not seen from 2nd house. It is seen from the 10th house. This is because 10th house is 9th from 2nd house and thus protects the 2nd house.

3rd house: Ears, however it does not rule hearing. Hearing comes from 11th house.

4th house: Heart, Mind(not be confused with Buddhi). The 4th house is the storage of emotions. Moon ruling love and Shukra ruling passion get digbala here

5th house: Belly, stomach, all digestive acids are generated here. Thus the 5th house helps in "digesting" the knowledge.

The natural 5th house is Leo, and the Lord Sun is the biggest digestor. The fifth house thus rules the ability to "discriminate" or "digest" knowledge.


Fifth and 9th lords

Why are 5th and 9th houses considered houses of Lakshmi?

Lakshmi- Vedic numerology number as per katapayadi system is "5"

Simha Rasi is the fifth Rasi in zodiac. Who is the lord of Simha rasi? It is Sun who represents Atma.

Atma is nothing but the individuated form of Paramatma. Thus it represents the spiritual energy of the Lord. Fifth from Fifth, that is Dhanus represents the material energy of the Lord.
 Thus Both the Kona Sthanas of the Zodiac represent the Energy that permeates the Universe. This is different from the Consciousness, which is Vishnu.
Without energy, there is no matter, and without Matter there is no Material.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moksha as per Jyotish

As per Jamini sutras and Brihat parasara hora shastra, there are certain combinations listed for Moksha.

Most people take the combinations in Rasi chart.

That is incorrect. We have to look at them in navamsa chart.

For example, Ketu should be in 12th from Atmakaraka in Navamsa chart with benefics to guarantee Moksha.

Ketu in 4th and benefics from AK also guarantee Moksha.

AK in Meena Navamsa is also a good combination.